Guided Surgery

Delivering comprehensive planning and state of the art multidisciplinary restorative techniques for our dentists and their patients to achieve optimal oral health with maximum comfort, function, and esthetics.


nSequence is a cutting edge center for advanced dentistry, providing high-end conventional and digital dental products. Based in Reno, Nevada, nSequence fabricates products in the field of dental esthetics, oral & maxillofacial surgery, and cranio-maxillofacial imaging. The company equips dental professionals with cutting edge dental products and technology for better patient standard of care such as: advanced custom surgical guidance, anatomical models, and implant planning services.

nSequence provides a doctor with the ability to accurately reduce bone, perform necessary grafts, place implants at the correct depth, trajectory, and rotation, seat abutments and temporary cylinders at the correct paralleling angles, and seat the provisional bridge; all of this and having to spend no more than 2 hours in the operatory per arch.

Experience: Unlike competitors, nSequence is a full-service dental lab. nSequence has the experience and knowledge to advise on restoration, component requirements, and lab-related concerns. nSequence is capable to provide provisional and final restoration prostheses as well as guided surgery capabilities.

Software: Customers can do guided surgery with nSequence through online collaboration; also available is Maven Pro with purchase options suitable for every customer.

Quality & Production: Few labs are as fully trained and well equipped as nSequence. Some competitors allow any lab to build their surgical guide. nSequence produce and quality control all guides and anatomy model in our facility to ensure consistency, accuracy, and quality control.

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