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Delivering the highest quality products on time with the right fit and finish is a standard expectation in the dental industry today.

Full-Contour Zirconia

With a four-year clinical history of working with full-contour zirconia and more than 300,000 crowns seated, NDX provides an economical, efficient solution for posterior restorations when strength is at a premium. With these virtually unbreakable all-ceramic crowns, you can provide your patients the strength to withstand severe parafunctional activity and avoid metal restorations. Most commonly known as BruxZir®, the full-contoured zirconia crown or bridge contains no porcelain overlay. It is glazed with a smooth surface and functions optimally in the posterior. Benefits include: superior strength, a smooth metal-free finish to the gum line, biocompatible medial-grade zirconia and CAD/CAM fabrication for a consistent fit.

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e.max is the ultimate in metal-free esthetics, producing exceptionally beautiful restorations that are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, while still providing ample structural strength for many indications. e.max is the only lithium disilicate ceramic being used in dentistry today. This unique material can be milled from pre-manufactured block, or it can be pressed from a pre-manufactured ingot. NDX laboratories offer both monolithic and layered e.max solution to fulfill our clinicians’ esthetic preferences for their patients.

Monolithic Option :
  • Strong, yet beautifully translucent lithium disilicate ceramic
  • Hand stained, brushed and glazed by a professional ceramist
Layered Option:
  • Core material is strong, yet beautifully translucent lithium disilicate ceramic
  • Cosmetic cutback with porcelain overlay yields a more natural appearance
  • Shade applications achieve the most esthetically appealing finishes

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Porcelain fused-to-zirconia (PFZ) crown and bridge work is a leading example of how innovation transforms our product offerings. By integrating the most technologically advanced CAD/CAM systems and leveraging our partner network to access premium zirconia, NDX has created a zirconia crown and bridge solution that combines the strength and metal-free characteristics of a zirconia substrate, with the esthetics of a porcelain overlay. PFZ stands out from other all-ceramic restorations in that it can be prescribed in the posterior and anterior with unlimited bridge span.

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The Lava all-ceramic system from 3M™ ESPE™ provides cutting-edge CAD/CAM precision and esthetics for all-ceramic crowns and bridges on a zirconium oxide base. Lava’s CAD/CAM origins allow for less tooth structure removal, as well as conventional cementation placement. Lava also features natural-looking esthetics, incredible strength and superior biocompatibility. NDX laboratories offer the full suite of Lava products: Lava, Lava Plus High-Translucency, and Lava Ultimate CAD/CAM material, a resin nano-ceramic product that is both cementable and easy to adjust.


Captek uses advanced Capillary Casting Technology to produce the gold coping for Captek crowns and bridges. This unique composite metal is 88 percent gold, reinforced with small particles of high-fusing and high-strength platinum and palladium. The result is a restoration with the vital and natural look of gold, the superior strength and durability of platinum and palladium and the extra benefit of reducing harmful bacteria around the gums. All NDX Captek restorations use Captek Nano. Originally developed for the increased strength needed for bridge and implant applications, Captek Nano’s higher thermal stability makes it possible to create consistently tighter margins with greater accuracy.

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Porcelain fused-to-metal (PFM) crown and bridge work provides a tried-and-true combination of durability and esthetics. Our technical teams create restorations using a variety of approved and certified casting alloys and the finest ceramic systems. By combining the latest manufacturing technology with the skills of highly trained dental technicians, PFM restorations look great and have minimal seating time. Amidst a proliferation of new products, PFM restorations remain a vital option for crown and bridge restoration work.

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